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How to Cleanse, Bless and Claim Your New Wicca Jewelry

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It’s important to bless your new jewelry, because you never know where it has been or what kind of energies it has been exposed too.

Even if you receive brand new, plenty of people have already handled it and transferred energy to it.

The people who made, could have had a bad day while making it, the one who packaged your order maybe had a huge fight with his or her significant other and even the delivery guy will in some sense transfer energies to your brand new piece of jewelry.

When you bless and cleanse your new piece of jewelry, you “reset” it, so that it doesn’t contain negative or harmful energies.

It’s a good idea to do this every time you get a new macgikal item. An item you intend to use in your spiritual practice.

Some people go a little overboard and bless EVERYTHING that enters their house. I wouldn’t say that’s a necessity, but then again, some people are more sensitive to energies than others 🙂

There are many ways to bless and cleanse, but this is a very effective and easy way to Cleanse, Bless and Claim your new Wiccan Jewelry!

Step 1: Cleanse

The first step is to put your new necklace or amulet under running water (or you could use a bowl of water if you prefer). Cup it in both your hands while holding it under water.

Water will help the negative emotions “flow” out of the pendant.

Step 2: Bless

While submerged in water, say a cleansing prayer or simply close your eyes and ask your gods to purify, cleanse and bless your new necklace. Hold it like this for a minute or so. If you feel that there is a lot of negative energy stored in the item, hold for a little longer.

When finished, pat it dry with a paper towel or something similar.

Step 3: Claim

The next and final step is to charge your new magickal amulet. A good way to do so, is to wear it on your skin for the next 7-9 days.

Only take it of when showering (if you need to).

This will bind the item to you. It will go through the same emotions, experiences and feelings as you do. Don’t let anyone deliberately touch it. If someone accidentally touch it, it’s usually okay. But if someone takes it from you or in another way charge it with negative energy, it’s usually best to start over.

After 7-9 days, your item is charged with your energy and belongs to you!

Note: If you buy a new Pentacle necklace from a place like The Moonlight Shop or similar, you won’t need to hold it underwater for a long time. New items from a Wicca shop usually doesn’t have a lot of negative energy stored in them. But you should still wear it for 7-9 days to “claim it”.