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How To Tell Your Friends and Family That You Are Wiccan

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Chances are, your family has no idea what being a Wiccan means and if they do, they think Wicca translates to dark magic. The same goes for your friends. 


This is a guide on how you can explain to your friends and family that you are a Wiccan, and that you don’t slaughter goats, drink blood, put hexes on people, or do ritual virgin sacrificing in the deep of the woods.


This is basically a 5-step crash course in how to deal with family and friends who don’t understand your beliefs..






In the US, religion is a characterized by a diversity of beliefs and practices, and in the US there is freedom of religion, which is in the FIRST AMENDMENT of the constitution, a CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHT. This means anyone has the right to worship and is allowed his or her own religious beliefs and practices. Wicca is a recognized religion.




We have Wiccan American soldiers that, if fallen, can be buried with a symbol of the pentacle on their grave. Anyone who wants to hold public office, cannot ever be disqualified just for his or her religious beliefs. Penalties can be slapped on any person who makes fun of your religious beliefs. But you won’t go down that road, right? Unlike them, you are a peace abiding Wiccan. 🙂


  1. *** IT WILL TAKE TIME ***


Patience is a key when trying to educate someone about your religion. Especially if that someone has preconceived notions about Wicca, and even worse if that someone is set in his or her beliefs. They will question and some will engage you in a debate, which makes understanding a lost cause once it reaches that point. But still, have patience. Be the bigger person by knowing you coexist together without having to bash each other’s beliefs.


  1. *** KNOW YOUR STUFF ***


I am not saying you should know everything about Wicca. There will always be something to more to be learned in any subject, any religion.  It is that way with Wicca and all other religions. But having knowledge of all the basic concepts like the origin of Wicca, the Wiccan Rede (the 3-fold law), the Divine, Sabbats, and Magic, then you can speak better about your spiritual belief. This will make you a really good representative of Wicca, which is more likely to earn the respect of people who have a crooked view of Wicca taken from pop culture.






Make your intentions clear that it’s not about being right. It’s about opening a line of communication where you are free to express your beliefs without ridicule or ignorance. Your goal is not to convince your parents, your partner, your boss or whomever it may be, to join you in your next ritual. And it is definitely not your goal to try convert them. You are not proselytizing, I am sure you know it. You resort to a place of “I am wrong, and you are right” when you’re threatened, which usually happens when someone threatens your safety by bashing and arguing. Which leads us to..


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Whatever you do, don’t lose your temper when someone starts bashing or disrespecting your beliefs. Be patient even when the person is launching personal attacks at you. The fact is, it is really hard to open someone’s mind about something when his or her mind is set on it. As hard as it is to sway you from your beliefs, it’s also hard to sway them from theirs. You have to accept the fact that this world is made up of different people, and those people can be stubborn especially when it comes to unfamiliar ideas.




Really listen and try to understand what they are saying and where they are coming from. One technique is to repeat what they are saying and turn it into a question. Make them feel listened to and they will most likely reciprocate.


Finally, you should accept it if your friends and family do not accept your beliefs. There are people who do not agree with Islam and don’t agree with Christianity. There are just some things that are out of your control, and really just accept things for what they are. Your peace and stability in your beliefs should not be governed by other people’s thoughts. Nobody ever said your beliefs should hang and wait on someone’s acceptance. Remember, as long as you harm no one, then do as you will. Live as you will and in peace.



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Do your family and friends know you are Wiccan? If yes, how was your experience telling them? We would love to hear about it! Please share in the comments section below. 🙂