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The Brooms of Elder

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In this post, I’ll talk a little about one of my absolute favorite symbols; The Brooms of Elder!

The brooms of elder consists of 3 symbols that makes up the Pentacle necklace.

Now, this symbol is mostly used at jewelry and I think that the reason it’s so popular has something to do with the fact, that it’s a very non-threatening symbols…

…when people see it, they don’t recognize the Pentacle right away, but just see a beautiful and interesting pendant.

Anyway, let’s talk about the symbols.


The 5 Brooms

There’s no doubt that the broomstick has always been associated with witchcraft. But, it has very little to do with flying away (unless you take something like this into account) and much more to do with sweeping away evil spirits.

The brooms is also a representation of the air element.

The Sacred Elder Leaf

In the middle of everything, you’ll see the sacred elder leaf. It represents the water element and is used in many rituals and spiritual practices.

Many years ago, people used the elder tree to make defensive wands.

The Blackberry Wine Circle

Surrounding it all is a circle made of Blackberry Wine. This is also associated with the water element.

The circle is a feminine symbol and represents the Goddess and Protection. The blackberry wine is often about connecting with the gods as well as material goods (money and goods).

The Pentacle

Now, these 3 symbols forms a Pentacle. I am sure you already know the ins and outs of the Pentacle…

…but, in short, the Pentacle is all about Power, Protection, Connection with nature and the Gods and a whole lot more.

It’s shouldn’t be a secret that we have a beautiful and fashionable Brooms of Elder Necklace in our shop, which you should definitely go check out if you into this symbol.

It’s one of my personal favorites.

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  • Marla R. Stevens

    It’s a pentagram. A pentacle is an altar plate used for offerings, a base for slicing/cutting, and decorative/invocative purposes. They are frequently confused with each other.
    Brooms were also used as jumping aids in rituals of sympathetic majick, vaulting higher to encourage the crops to do likewise, in the times of when the Old Religion was still extant, especially in Britain and the Celtic lands. This may be why people thought witches could fly on them!
    Thank you for the post. The information in it is useful, seasonal, and, mostly quite accurate.
    Blessed Be!