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The Caduceus Staff

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In this post we’ll take a look at the Caduceus staff. We’ll explore where it came from, what it means for you as a Wiccan (or Pagan) and how to use it in your daily life.

Apollo and Hermes

Hermes was a greek god (also known as Mercury for the romans).

The legend goes that he stole Apollo’s cattle when he was a small child. However, charming as he (Hermes) was, he eventually made peace with Apollo and exchanged his lyre with Apollo’s staff.

Hermes and his staff is a symbol of good luck, trade, luck in gambling and a messenger of the gods.

Symbolism Of The Staff

The Caduceus staff holds a lot more symbolism to is than you first see. When you take a closer look, you can see that this is a very powerful symbol.

The staff is all about the connection between humans and gods.

The staff itself represents the earth element and our living body (think of the staff as your spine). The staff is also a masculine symbol.

The two snakes defies gravity and makes their way up the staff, symbolizes power and the struggle to reach a higher spiritual level.

The wings symbolize the air element, our spiritual self and the connection with our gods.

Finally, the round ball on top is a representation of how your physical self connects with your spiritual self. The circle is a feminine symbol and also represents your pineal gland and your higher self.

In a way, the Caduceus Staff represents the essence of your spirits connection with your physical body.

The Caduceus Staff and Wiccans:

As a Wiccan, you can use the staff in rituals, spells and offerings.

You can also just wear a Caduceus pendant when you need extra luck and a better connection with gods and you higher self.

It is also a known symbol to help ward off sickness.

Here’s how to use it in your practice:

  • You can use a Caduceus Staff Pendant in spells and rituals.
  • Include it to help communicate with the gods and get your message/intention out into the universe.
  • For good luck and health spells it’s a must have.

You can get your own Caduceus Staff with birthstones here!

  • Amanda Lee Terwey

    How did the Caduceus Staff come to be used as a symbol of doctors?

    • Hi Amanda 🙂
      The caduceus staff is NOT a symbol of medicine. However, quite often, you see people use the Caduceus staff as a medical sign, but that’s because it often gets confused with the Rod of Asclepius, which has a single snake. Asclepius is the Greek God of healing and medicine.
      So, as a general rule of thumb; 1 snake = healing and medicine, 2 snakes = spiritual connection 🙂

      • Lady Tempestuous

        Oh ok wow thanks for clearing that up

      • Amanda Lee Terwey

        Cool, thanks.