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The Magickal Powers of The Black Onyx

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Black Onyx Stones

The Black Onyx seems like a gift from the gods to us… In this post we’ll look at how it can help you live a more fulfilling life!

The Onyx is a type of chalcedony that’s part of the quartz family. It was a popular stone for the Greeks. They believed that the Onyx stone came from fingernails of the Goddess Venus.

It is a powerful stone with plenty of positive attributes. First, it is a grounding and centering stone. It will balance you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Second, it is a strengthening stone that will assist you in tasks where you feel challenged and weak. Third, it will ease your fears where they are the strongest. Fourth, it will banish negativity. Fifth, it will rejuvenate you when you have run out of energy. Finally, it will attract positive energy and bring you happiness.

When you wear a Black Onyx Pentacle, it will inspire self-control, confidence, fidelity to your partner. It enhances your meditation and dreams. It will give you confidence in your career, like in interviews and presentations. The Black Onyx will work according to your heart’s desire.

The Black Onyx is also believed to have healing power and to heal teeth, bones, feet, and blood disorders. Place it on your body and feel the healing take place. Use the Black Onyx to charge water to treat skin ailments like fungal infections and sunburns, and also wounds and rashes. Just pat it on the affected area and use an Onyx water compress at night.

Here’s just some of the benefits you will get, when having the Black Onyx near you:

  • Self Control
  • Confidence
  • Mental strength
  • Protection from negativity
  • A feeling of being grounded

Every week, you should discharge the Onyx by placing it under running water.

If you’ve used it for a long time without doing so, bury it in the earth overnight at least once a month to regenerate its energies.

So wearing the Onyx, placing it on your altar, or using them during rituals allows you access to all the benefits mentioned here. The Black Onyx is just one of Nature’s gifts to us, showing us that all we ever need is already here on earth and provided for.


  • Erika Acosta

    I keep black & blue onyx stones with me at all times!

  • Rowan Moonshadow

    I have several black onyx that I keep around me and have put several in to jewelry. Awesome stone!

  • TJ Lebo

    I love the black onyx… I feel calm & relaxed when it is in my presents….on a special note to James… Please run a special on this product on the third of the month so I may have a chance to purchase items…. I am disabled & get my check on the 3rf of every month…. Thank you.. Blessed Be..

  • Misses Kaoss

    I live my black onyx pentacle.. It’s very calming yet empowering. I feel at ease and able to speaking more confidently when I wear it

  • ~Lunas MysticRose ~

    I feel all you need is what ever my Santos, ancestors, and guides give me during what ever my job is that I’m doing. I like to use my Energy to heal using my hands never touching the client. All stones are sacred. They all come from mother earth. She is who grounds you. You can pick up a complete regular stone and charge it and while doing so thank mother earth for the use of her energy as you concentrate on the uses you have intended for this stone. Yes the Onyx is very powerful. Just remember that what works for one person, may not work for another.

  • aphrospice

    I was always attracted to this stone even when I was child playing dress up with my grandmother’s jewelry. I recently purchased my first statement ring because the black onyx set was calling me. Glad to know that there is more to this stone.