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The Tree Of Life

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If you think about it, trees have always had their place in the folklore and mythology of each culture. The Tree of Life symbolism is one that is valued across all religions even though each has a slightly different take on just what the Tree of Life means.



Take for example the Celts. They believed that certain trees held special properties more than just a source of fuel for heat and cooking. Each tree has special and spiritual properties that you should consider according to what you are trying to build or make. 

There are also those they believe to be “sacred” such as the Ash, Yew, Oak, and the Willow. The Celts assigned a certain mystery to these trees as they are are characteristically unusual in size (very large) and beautiful (with a commanding presence). 

The lore which surrounds a particular old tree often reflects the power the Celts sensed from their presence.


The most integrated concept of the Tree of life is that of the Kabalistic tradition. This concept is the one most widely found in most Wiccan literature. As the concept goes, the tree of life encompassed 10 different pillars; the three main pillars are Severity, Mercy and Equilibrium. The power of Equilibrium is the center pillar which stands as a symbol to show how meaningful equality is and how treacherous it is to dip the equilibrium scale. The middle pillar consists of the 4 pillars of Kingdom, Foundation, Beauty and Crown. The left pillar is called “Severity” which represents the female’s role in the creation of life. The right pillar is called “Mercy” and represents the males work in the creation of life. The Severity and Mercy pillars are broken down into three pillars each.  Severity’s three pillars are understanding, severity and splendor. Mercy’s three pillars are Wisdom, Mercy and Victory.



In Wicca, trees are living things that are filled with the essence and energy of the Elements and the Divine. The Tree of Life is the embodiment of “As Above, So Below,” it signifies a bridge between the Earth and the Divine and that what is happening below, is reflected above; and what is happening above is reflected below. The Tree of Life also shows you how everything is connected; from the smallest organisms to our Earth being a part of the solar system, and the solar system being connected to the galaxies beyond. The Tree of Life is the gift of the gods to us, they have been a source of sustenance and shelter to our ancestors and they still do on this day.  

Welcoming the Tree of Life in Your Life

Many Wiccans who find themselves drawn to the Tree of Life symbolism either feel a strong connection to the Tree of Life due to the balance it brings them or are seeking to restore balance in their lives.

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If you are feeling out of sorts and unbalanced, look to the symbol of the Tree of Life to help you find balance and equilibrium. Go out and seek to spend time with trees. Always have the Tree of Life symbol around you: have the  symbol on your notebooks or wear a shirt or a necklace to serve as a constant reminder to not dip so far to the left or right that you life will be in an imbalanced state. Remember, the power of the trees is fully understood by those who live harmoniously and in total balance.

What is the significance of the Tree of Life to you? We would love to hear what you think! 🙂