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This Will Make You Love Your Black Cat More

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Black Means Good Luck

In many parts of the US and Europe, people think black cats are terrifying bringers of bad luck. They don’t dare cross the path the black cat has crossed. This is very sad and is one reason why many black cats end up in shelters. And shelters do not easily release black cats to people who say they prefer black cats because they fear that they might be used for some evil purpose.

There are many black cats out there who can make use of some love and care and they are stigmatized because of their color and an outdated superstitious belief.

It is heartbreaking, I know. Almost every witch loves a black cat. A black cat means good luck. We would be lucky to be able to touch a black cat when it comes our way and we definitely won’t shoo away a black cat who happens to wander into our homes. Owning a black cat will protect your home and the people in it. And because our black-furred friends are sensitive to the spirit world, they can chase away evil spirits and bad energies plus help us in our magick.

Naming Your Black Cat

Choosing a name for your black cat is a very important process. You need to carefully pick out its name since it will be its name for life. To give you some ideas, your black cat’s name could be something that you take from your cat’s appearance like “Bat” for a cat with large pointy ears or “Panda” for a black with white spots or “Raven” after your cat’s jet black silky fur!

You can also name your cat after a time when you got like Luna for a black cat you had at the coming of the full moon or Zodiac for a cat you received on your birthday. But of course, these are just examples and you should not be afraid to go crazy and creative! As long as the name means a lot to you, your cat familiar will feel and appreciate the gesture.


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Trivia: Did You Know That In The 90s, adopting a black cat during Halloween was not allowed?

Anyone who goes to a shelter to adopt a black cat or black cats on or near Halloween will be turned away. This is because pet-adoption agencies are aware of the fact that Satanic cults sacrifice black cats as a part of their ritual, and many black cats are used as props and tortured during Halloween only to be returned afterwards. Even if someone goes to the adoption center without the purpose, the timing is highly suspicious around and the pet agencies refuse to take chances with the lives of the black cats.


How did you choose your black cat’s name? Do you have stories about your cat you would like to share? Please do in the comments section below. 🙂

  • Janet Berenbrok

    My black cat chose me more than I chose him. When a litter was only a few weeks old they were dropped at my sister’s farm. I was visiting and I went to see them…not planning on taking one home. She kept them up on an old door on sawhorses so the dogs would leave them and their food alone. It was a litter of mixed colored furballs, their eyes were still blue, and very tiny and timid. All but one..the only black one in the litter almost fell off the door trying to get to me, so I scooped him up and he has been with me ever since. That was 18 years ago. His name is Oliver P. Brat, named after one of my favorite actors of the time, Oliver Platt. He goes by “Oliver” or “Ollie Love” and his eyes are green unless he is upset then they look more golden.

  • Robyn Peterson

    I don’t have any black cats but I do have two black dogs that I love dearly and they’re part of my family so I guess I can could consider them my black cats

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  • Denise Donardt

    I named my black cat Bear because he came to me as a stray with his mother and 4 siblings. After about 2 days he was the only kitten left alive after opossums had attacked and eaten his siblings. He was not afraid to stand up and fight, even as little as he was. During the time that he and his family appeared at my house, I was dealing with the fact that my mother was dying from Cancer. On the day that my mother died, Bear’s mother was struck by a car in front of my house and died. My sister buried her in our yard. It was then that I knew he was meant to be with me. I adore this cat and he is my little shadow.


  • Amelie Eriksson

    I have 2 black cats. As soon as I saw them, I knew that they belonged to me <3 and now, they are 7 months old. I gave them their names after my 2 Goddesses, Hecate and Hathor. I love them dearly and forever <3

  • Sarah Smith

    I truly believe black cats are smarter then others which makes sense as to why the Egyptians worshipped them. I named my first black cat Boo, because in the dark you could only see his bright yellow eyes. He would fetch and do so many amazing things before he was taken by panleukopenia. My following 2 were Spooky and Jinx. I will forever prefer to have black cats then any other.