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Wearing Your Pentacle Necklace Right

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This article was originally posted by The Moonlight Shop here: Wearing your pentacle necklace right

Your pentacle necklace is your number one go to amulet when you need to banish negative energies and gain maximum protection. It has earned its place as the most recognizable symbol of Wicca because of the ability to absorb negative energy and cast a web of protection around its wearer.

You should know what your pentacle necklace represents. As it symbolizes many things!

Your pentacle is a symbol of only good and pure white magick. It cannot be used to harm someone. So you better not do this because that will backfire!

Your pentacle also symbolizes the four quadrants: the North, South, East, and West, and the Elements: the Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and the Spirit. Your pentacle’s round encasing represents the unity of all quadrants and elements, and the wholeness of your love for Nature.

Your pentacle as a pendant is your talisman. Hold on to it when you are feeling weak, scared, and doubtful.

When you are not sure if you can do what needs to be done, hold on to your pentacle. 

When you are afraid of the outcome of certain things, hold on to your pentacle.

When you do not know which direction to take, hold on to your pentacle and let it guide you.

When you are overwhelmed by all the negativity around you, take a break and hold on to your pentacle. 

Now to get to our main topic. How should you wear your pentacle necklace? Of course, there are the wrong ways that can cause confusion in other people and can make it seem like you are not serious about the Wiccan path. Your pentacle necklace is a sacred symbol of your spiritual belief. So treat it accordingly!

Pentacle of the Black Onyx from the Moonlight Shop

How To Wear Your Pentacle Necklace

To wear your pentacle, it should have the top point of the star facing upward. An upright pentacle is in the best position to protect you from evil and defend you from psychic attacks!

The best pentacle to have would be a silver or lead-free pewter pentacle. Why? Because silver or lead-free pewter, links you directly to the Moon. Which is excellent for psychic work and divination. What’s more, silver and lead-free pewter are less likely to cause an allergic reaction to those with hypersensitive skin.

A pentacle necklace is best worn with a leather cord at whichever length is most comfortable for you. Leather is durable, soft on your skin, lets it breathe, and is lighter than any metal. Plus, if your skin is hypersensitive, metal chains will most likely break you out in hives! Leather cords are your best bet. Also, make sure the leather chain you choose has lobster clasps and not the folding ones. Lobster clasps make it a breeze to put on and remove your necklace (if you ever do!).

Your pentacle necklace should best land on your heart. Because your pentacle necklace represents what you believe in and your spirituality. And both are very close to your heart.

Wearing a pentacle with your birthstones will enhance your personal qualities and also rejuvenate and heal you. If you’re a person born in January, you are naturally sensual and energetic. But wearing a pentacle with Ruby stones, you will have a heightened sensuality and more energy! If you are struggling with your weight, the Ruby stone will help you with self-control and acceptance.


Owning your pentacle necklace gives you a sense of responsibility. To yourself, to your belief, and to the Divine. That is also part of the magick of the pentacle, little by little, you slowly realize that you have a place in this world, and you are connected to everything and are a part of something bigger than yourself.

  • Jay Luc

    “there are the wrong ways that can cause confusion in other people and can make it seem like you are not serious about the Wiccan path”. Any Pagan/Wiccan who knows who they are and what they stand for won’t give 2 shits if other people don’t think they’re serious enough. People, stop worrying what others think about you and be you. If they won’t accept you because you pentacle necklace is made out of gold or out of polymer clay or is on a cheap chain recycled from another necklace you don’t wear anymore, screw them and find people who will, because those other ones aren’t worth your time and energy.