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6 Basic Wiccan Altar Tools You Should Have By Now

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This article was originally posted by The Moonlight Shop here: 6 Basic Wiccan Altar Tools You Should Have By Now

Following the Wiccan path, there are some basic Wiccan altar tools that are pretty much what you call non-negotiable. Because the backbone of any religion are rituals, honoring higher beings, and thanksgiving, it would be hard to achieve those without the proper tools at your disposal.

An Altar Space Is Non-Negotiable

It is very important to have an altar for your rituals and spell casting. You need an altar for your rituals, spell casting, and meditation. You can get creative with this one. It can be a tree stump, a table, or a chest. If you cannot afford to buy an altar or cannot find anything in or around your house that can function as an altar, you can simply assign a sacred space for your practice. It should be a place where there’s no noise and a place the people in your house don’t hang out in. It is better if it is by the window and you have a view out nature when you are there. Please do not use a closet space as your altar. It should not be a storage space.

Now here are 6 of the basic Wiccan altar tools that you should have if you want to take your Wicca practice seriously.


When I say pentacle, I don’t mean your pentacle necklace. Because you should wear that around your neck at all times. I am talking about a pentacle altar paten. It may be be wooden or it may be brass, whichever way is good. If you must have a pentacle on your person, then you must have a pentacle guarding your altar. Pentacle altar patens are also there to help focus energy and strength in your spells and rituals.


Cat Familiar in Crescent Moon and Pentacle Plaque from the Moonlight Shop


Candles are also non-negotiable since you need them in almost every ritual and every spell casting that you do. The standard is one black candle and one white candle. The black candle absorbs negativity and the white one replaced the negative energy with positive energy. They also represent light and dark, good and evil. Having both balances the energy on your altar even when there are other colored candles to represent different things.


A chalice or a cauldron is also necessary. They both represent the Element of Water and the goddess. Their shape represents the womb of the goddess. Plus, they are very useful in your rituals and spell casting since they can be used as storage for water, salt, and they can even be used in smudging. Brass cauldrons are the best choice since they also represent strength and purity.

Your Dragon Guardian’s Chalice from The Moonlight Shop


Wands are used for directing energy, calling on the quadrants, and casting circles. Wands also repel negative energy. Wands made from any of the 9 sacred woods are an excellent choice since they have their own properties that can enhance your life. For example, the Willow wand has the power to strengthen your intuition and sharpen your senses. It can also help you understand your visions and dreams.


Wand of Wisdom and Wand of Dreams from The Moonlight Shop

Altar Cloth

An altar cloth should cover your altar space. You drape it over the table, the chest, or the tree stump. If it has pentacles printed all over it, you can forgo having the pentacle altar paten. But if you wish to double the protection over your altar, you can keep the altar paten. What the altar cloth does is prevent your altar tools from absorbing whatever energy may be in the table, stump, or chest.

Altar Bell

The altar bell is rang to signal the start of the ritual, to call on the goddess, to call on the Watchtowers, and to drive away negative energies and spirits. Use the bell to call on the help of the goddess, to make sure she hears you clearly and so she can assist you in your ritual or spell casting.

Triple Goddess Altar Bell from The Moonlight Shop

So there you have it. These are just 6 of the basic Wiccan altar tools you need when you are starting out or a little low on budget. You can add more Wiccan supplies to this as you become a more experienced and learned witch. It’s ok to start slow and then gradually increase your tools along with your knowledge.

  • Jay Luc

    Sorry, but these items aren’t “non-negotiable”. There are some people, such as teenagers living in homes that are anti-pagan and run a real risk of being found out, and adults who may have roommates or live with family and aren’t out of the broom closet, who absolutely cannot have an altar space out in the open, so a closet may be the only place they can have one (which goes double for the weird opinion of HAVING to wear a pentacle necklace. I don’t wear one because I’m still in the broom closet and I don’t wear necklaces because of claustrophobia/fear of strangulation issues). The God/dess isn’t going to look down on you for doing what you have to do, and if you think so, then you’re not as well versed in the religion as you think you are. They also can have their altar boxed up and hidden and only taken out when needed. A chalice is not necessary. A wine glass can be used, or something similar, and can be purchased for $1 at the dollar store. Some people also do not use a wand, and instead opt for an athame. I’ve only used an altar bell once. I have other ways of cleansing and purifying a space and I call on the quarters without using a bell. It’s the Goddess. She can hear you whether or not you’re ding-a-ling-a-linging. I am pretty displeased with this article, because there are many variations of Wicca, and many different reasons for having things a certain way. This article is another example of demanding “my way or the highway”.