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New Beginnings Ritual

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When you want changes and to start a new beginning in your life, you must release old habits, and let go of people or ways that are no longer working for you.

A new beginning can be applied in any area of your life. So before starting with this ritual, reflect on the ways and recognize the people who you feel are preventing you from growing. Make a commitment to make room for new thoughts, attitudes, and new people in your life. Find out in what aspect you want to grow or change. Do you want to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically or intellectually? Once you have established that, you are then ready to do the ritual.

One of the best times to do a ritual for new beginnings is on New Year. You can let go of old ways the same way you let go of the days that have passed. Here is a New Beginnings ritual to let go of the past that is holding you back, give thanks for what you have in your life, make room for great and positive things, and steer your life towards the direction you want.

What you will need:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Any incense with cleansing properties
  • A black candle
  • A chalice (or a bowl)
  • Water
  • A gemstone of your choice
  • A small jar


  1. Find a quiet place where you can sit and be comfortable. Or stay by your altar if you have one.
  2. Take deep breaths and focus on your breathing, with the sole purpose of calming your mind and body. Once you have reached a state of total relaxation, you may start the ritual.
  3. On the piece of paper, write all your hopes, desires and dreams for the coming new year. For example: love, financial stability, meaningful friendships, fulfillment, and adventure. Take your time and feel the hope and excitement building up inside you.
  4. It is time to call on the Elements one by one.

What you should do:

1. To call on the the Element of Air, light the incense and say:

“God and Goddess,

I give thanks to you for all that I have,

With Air I cleanse the past,

to prepare for a prosperous New Beginning.

This I do for the highest good,

So be it.”

2. Let the incense fill the air and let any negativity leave you and your surroundings.

3. Imagine a bright rainbow circling you and growing brighter and stronger with every breath you take and express your gratitude by saying thanks.

4. To call on the Element of Fire, light the black candle. The black candle will absorb negativity and destroy it. As you light it, think of everything that you have been through in the past year. Focus on releasing baggage and issues that you consciously and unconsciously carry. Visualize them disintegrating through the fire while saying:

“God and Goddess,

I give thanks for everything that I have.

With fire I ignite the future,

To prepare myself for a new beginning.

For the highest good,

So be it.”


5. You should leave the candle burning till the end of the ritual.

6. To call on the Element of Water, take the chalice or bowl and fill it with water. Cup your hands around the chalice or bowl and sit down with it. Allow your energy to blend with that of the water. Feel and express your gratitude for the water and its purifying and life-giving properties. Raise the chalice or bowl and say:

“God and Goddess,

I give thanks for everythig that I have.

With water I give strength and energy to the future,

to prepare for a new beginning.

For the highest good,

So be it.”

7. Take a sip of the water and pay close attention to how it makes your body feel. Feel its cleansing, reviving, and energizing powers. Express gratitude by saying thanks.

8. To call on the Element of Earth, take the piece of paper and wrap it around the gemstone. This will manifest your hopes, dreams, and wishes. Keep it in your hands and say:

“God and Goddess,

I give thanks for everything that I have.

With earth I manifest my wishes,

to welcome a new beginning.

For the highest good,

So be it.”

9. Place the gemstone wrapped in paper inside the jar and keep it somewhere safe.

10. To close the ritual, say thanks to the elements for their presence and assistance. After doing so, send them on their way by patting the floor or ground three times.

After the ritual, take some time visualizing your hopes, dreams, desires, and wishes working their way towards becoming true. Allow yourself to feel hope, happiness, and gratitude. Hold on to the feelings as long as you can, and take them with you as you embark on a new beginning.



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