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What’s the deal with Faeries?

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For Wiccans and most pagans, faeries are very real.

They are creatures of the forest and of nature and if you treat them right, they can and will help you (just not with everything, but more about that in moment).

But before you run out into the forest with a butterfly net, trying to catch a faery, there is some things you should know…

You see, faeries are not as in the fairytales (pun intended). They are not little humans with wings and clothing made of flower petals.

Real faeries are beings of pure energy. They usually live in or near the forest. In nature.

They do have a color to them. Often red or green. It’s like an aura you can see, if you look closely.

But if you are occupied with houghts about grocery shopping and how to pay your bills, don’t bother go looking for faeres.

On the other hand, if you mind is still and uncluttered, chances of seeing them is bigger.

It can be a bit difficult though.

You see, faeries don’t have much trust in humans. Just like many animals don’t.

So, you need to gain their trust before you do anything else. And trust me…

…you want to get their trust, because when you do, you will have some very powerful allies.

How to bond with faeries

The first and most important step, is to bond with your faeries. There are many ways to do this, but this is what I have found works best for most people.

You need a plate, fruits, wine (or fruit juice) and a faery Pendant.

Faeries like fruits. They don’t like meat (NEVER put meat on the faery offering plate). They also like fruit juices and wine (which is basically a form of fruit juice).

Every night, around sunset, you should make a small plate with fresh fruits, a small glass of wine (or fruit juice) and put it somewhere near your house, where you suspect the faeries will come.

(faeries likes the sun, but not direct sunligth. So look for a place with big tall trees and put your plate down there.)

For this to work, you need to wear a dedicated faery pendant at day and leave with your offering at night.

This way, the faeries will get to know and get used to your energy and with time, they will start to trust you.

Your faery pendant naturally has some of your energy stored in it and the faeries will sense and get used to it (just a like dog will eventually know and like your smell).

You don’t HAVE to use a dedicated faery pendant. It just makes things easier and will speed up the process.

It will also make it easier in the future, because when you need help from the faeries, you can simply put on the pendant and the faeries will come to your aid.

Just like with other protectors, wearing imagery can help attract faeries. It’s not the imagery itself that attracts them, but the positive energy and your intention.

How faeries can help you

First of all, just having faeries near you, will lift your spirit and give you more energy. They will make you happier and give you a sense of calm.

They can also help you with your spells and your rituals.

However, since faeries are basically beings of pure energy, they don’t know of concepts like love or owning something.

It’s like asking a tree to love you. It doesn’t matter. The tree doesn’t love or hate. It just is.

So if you are doing a love spell for example, the faeries wouldn’t be able to help you. It’s a concept they simply don’t understand.

Faeries are best when it comes to spells about nature.

If you need sun or rain of if you need your herbs to prosper, faeries can help.



  • Faeries are very real.
  • They are beings of pure energy.
  • In general, they don’t trust humans.
  • To bond with them, wear a Faery pendant all day and make offerings (fruit and wine) at night.
  • Not all faeries like wine. Some prefer fruit juice without alcohol.
  • After bonding for a while, faeries will help you with certain rituals and spells.


I hope you find this post interesting and I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so please leave a comment below 🙂

  • James Cardinal

    I really love your article. A few days ago I observed faries but have not been able to contact thelm again. I’m sure this article will help. Dragon wolf

  • Kevin Robbins

    You seem not to have taken into your fabrics of Fairy the puck or brownie or many of the brown fey or the troop fey mater of fact most of the world of the fey weren’t red or green, the red tops not nice at all and what about hobgoblins, the few that were of the light realm are a very few indeed, and mermaids, this just makes me wonder if you ever met a fey old st nick was in old time a Fey a dwarf like creature, oh speaking of dwarfs the knockers that can trap people or save them in the mines.

    I’m sorry! I do not think you know the fey, or much about them, sounds like your one of those that haven’t made contact and try to rationalize them to your mind. And yes I have plastic fey on strings to symbolize them for I never would try and capture a living thinking creature.

  • Pamela Cherlyse Wilson-Nunn

    blessed be for this article I have not yet seen a fairy as of yet but I soon hope too, blessed be

  • Michael Massey

    Some are human also called Faye’s

  • Shannon Arcoria

    Your article is very basic for those just learning. fairies like ginger snaps and all things shiny.No they do not like to interact with Humans, but I have seen them play with children. Read everything you can, as knowledge is impo. Also, their is many names for Fairies, again do your homework.I have lived with fairies all my life and respect them greatly! Namaste.