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The Top 3 Herbs Any Wiccan Should Have On Hand

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The traditional witches know the magick and the power and the medicinal properties of “the green” herbs. Herbs can be very useful to a modern witch as well, for rituals, potions, and cleansing. These 3 herbs should are only some of what you should have available to you at all times in your magical medicine cabinet, in case the need arises. These herbs are also very versatile and can be used for many causes that just one. You will find that many potions and spells necessitate these herbs.




Basil, also known as St. Joseph’s Wort has a very distinct smell and has amazing purifying properties. It is usually sprinkled on the floor in homes to purify spaces. Giving someone a potted basil plant brings that person positive luck.

Basil is used in many potions and spells of love. According to Scott Cunningham, placing two basil leaves on live coal will indicate the future of your relationship with someone: leaves that burn quickly indicate a prosperous marriage while leaves that don’t burn completely mean a complicated marriage rife with problems. Basil can also be used to test and ensure someone’s fidelity.



Lavender is the herb used by the Greeks and mentioned by William Shakespeare. Not only used in baths, it is also well known for its medicinal properties. The British recognize it as a medicine and have treated with it and cleaned and disinfected wounds with it for over two centuries. A concoction made with lavender is said to help treat epilepsy and brain disorders. Lavender placed in your cap will relieve a headache.

The lavender is best used for smudging rituals to purify and cleanse spaces. Lavender is also the base herb used in many spells of bringing calmness, peace, and love into one’s life. Hanging lavender stalks in your home or bringing some with you will attract love into your life. Placing lavender stalks under your pillow will ensure a good night’s rest.



Rosemary is the herb known to help with strengthening the brain and its faculties. It was a common practice in England in the past to burn rosemary in the homes where people had died of illnesses

Today, rosemary can be used as a protection from witches with evil intentions. As an incense, rosemary helps ward off evil spirits and energies. Burn rosemary incense in your house to rid it of negative energies and vibrations. If you have a loved one who is recovering from an illness, place rosemary in the room to promote a fast and healthy healing.

In spells, rosemary can be used to substitute frankincense.


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There are still many ways you can incorporate these 3 herbs in your practice. Once you have clear intentions and decided on what spell you should cast these herbs can surely help you make a connection with the divine, whether it’s through baths, oils, teas, and burning incense.

Do you have these 3 in your magickal cabinet right now? We would love to hear from you! Please share your story in the comments section below. 🙂

  • Alexandra

    St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) and basil (Ocimum basilicum) are two very different herbs.

    • Jen

      Hi Kerri! Basil is also known as St. Joseph’s Wort, not John’s. 🙂